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1300 792980

We hope you’re PLANNING…to get more SALES…

Did you know there is one simple change to get more Sales?

Welcome to 2018; the dust has settled and now its full steam ahead with implementing strategies you’ve been developing / thinking about over the Xmas / NY break.

Your thinking probably revolves around 2 key areas – SALES.. more revenue and COSTS… how to reduce them!

If both are of interest to you, then I pose another question…or two..:)

Are your SALES reliant on the Phones? and/or Do you Spend Money to get customers to Call you?

If Yes, then read on…


Do you know how many calls you get per day/week/month?

Do you know how many of these are Sales related…….are there enough?


Do you have the telephone lines & phones to handle the calls?


Do you have the people to Answer EVERY call – all day / everyday?


Do you have the Systems to manage Calls ie: transfer Sales calls (including to mobiles) or take a message and get it to the right person?

To get SALES, all 4 need to work in sync! Research shows that 40% of businesses don’t….is your business one?

In 5-10 mins, I’ll help you understand if your business is missing SALES due to ‘bottle-necks’ in the above – call 1300 79 29 80

With our risk free, no disruption, FREE 7 day trial there is a way to measure how many Calls and thus Sales you are missing.

Capturing & Answering the UNKNOWN Missed Calls is the key to getting More Sales!

“The cost of being wrong is less than the cost of doing nothing.” Seth Godin

Please don’t hesitate to give me a call if you require additional information and/or email me and we’ll organise a time/date for a brief chat.

Many Thanks

Michael – 1300 79 29 80