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1300 792980

My Why for igetSALES?

I’m often asked Why igetSALES! So here goes……..

My Why for igetSALES?

For +30 yrs I’ve worked in the Food and Telco industries; building, coaching and mentoring Sales teams to get Sales aka: igetSALES!

The same Businesses also spend a small fortune on marketing to get potential Clients to Call.

Then a Warm Customer calls looking to Buy and all to often one of the following occurs –

  1. Telephone Busy (ie: line engaged),
  2. The phone Rings Out, no-one to Answer; it could be before/after the office opens, lunch-time, staff busy; so the caller leaves a voicemail ‘hoping’ someone will respond,
  3. The person Answering has no idea and doesn’t provide the Caller with a lot of confidence, or worse,
  4. The caller is asked to ring a mobile!

Yes, all of the above occur in small, medium and large businesses everyday! Giving the Buyer another chance to review their options on GOOGLE!

Lets do the Sums……..if any of the above occurs in your business 5 times a day, thats +100 calls a month, +1,200 per year……whats the Sales $ Value of these missed Calls. Remembering they have tried to called your Business; they are Warm Customers!

These are UNKNOWN missed SALE

The Solution

There are many Solutions to solve this Problem; however not many are ………..

  • Easy to setup – takes 5-10 mins – How it Works
  • Provide a ‘Real’ person to Answer 
  • Are Simple to use – managed via a Mobile App. and
  • Save Time & Money – PAYG Flexibility, 7 Days FREE Trial & No Contracts. PRICING

How are Business Owners using the Solution? 

  1. OVERFLOW CALLS – the phone rings in the Office for 3-4 rings, if Staff can’t Answer the phone because they are NOT there or Busy, then Calls are divert to igetSALES.
  2. ENGAGED – not everyone has the phones lines, phones and people to Answer Every Call, so we provide a flexible PAYG Solution to Assist when things get Busy!
  3. 24/7 / – After Hours – Many Businesses need Calls Answer 24/7, we can do this on a PAYG basis…..its cheaper then having someone on call!
  4. All Calls – no matter how you look at it someone has to Answer the Phone! We do it cheaper as an Outsourced PAYG Solution! Sometimes this can be 1/2 the cost…..saving Business owners $1,000/mth.

    If you’d like to know more about our services please feel free to contact us or alternatively call the number below and experience our Australian Receptionists first hand.

    Feel free to give me a call, cheers Michael – 1300 79 29 80



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