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1300 792980

CALL US – 1300 79 29 80 – INSTANT ACTIVATION – We’ll solve your problem?

  • No time to find a temporary receptionist…..
  • Are you re-allocating staff to cover the phones?
  • OR are your phones just not being answered?

A receptionist on holidays, sick or busy can create enormous pressure within your business, particularly if CALLS mean SALES!

  • How does an unanswered phone effect your customers experience?
  • How much does an unanswered phone cost your business?

Here is a quick example of 1 day with no receptionist;

$30/hr – 8hrs/day – $240 per day just for their time.

If you’ve decided to re-allocate staff to answer the phone, that’s now costing you $480 per day to answer the phone.

What would the other staff usually be doing – collecting debtors, customer service, sales??

How much money would they make you if they focused on their job, not the receptionists job?

Best news yet – igetSALES can solve your problem – doing it better, faster and cheaper!!

Here is a great example;

IF you receive 10 calls per day it would cost you approx $19.80 per day (includes 30% of calls transferred).

IF you received 20 calls per day it’s approx $38.92 per day (includes 30% of calls transferred).

Even if you received 50 calls per day it’s approx $95.75 per day (includes 30% of calls transferred) and in this case you would need more than 1 staff member to answer the calls, hence it could easily turn into $720 per day to just answer the phones….

The REAL Question here is;

What could your staff be doing instead of answering the phone – could they be ‘MAKING YOU MONEY’?

SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM NOW – sign up for a simple answer plan so our Professional Australian Receptionists can take the calls when you can’t. Our service can assist businesses in many ways; all calls, some calls, after hours calls…so when your receptionist or team can’t take a call we can. It’s a simple solution, you only pay as you use, it’s adaptable for any budget and can be managed in real-time via our App.

igetSALES is a value add ‘Australian Reception Service’, what I’ve talked about today is just the tip of the ice-berg…I’ll continue this discussion over the next few weeks.

Have a great day. Keep it Real, Keep it Simple


Activate your Trial TODAY – We’ll help you every step of the way!!



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