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1300 792980

Did you know there is one simple change to capture your Marketing Value?

So…what do I mean by 30 days…think about this..

  • 1 hour a day on the phone or busy phones is 10% of a day that you don’t or can’t answer the phones
  • That 10% of day when you do the sums is approx 1 month..or 30 days – of MISSED CALLS!

If your SALES are reliant on Phones and you missed 30 days worth of calls. How many SALES have you missed?

Here’s a recent customer story, which I quickly put on Facebook the other day;

Phone bill says they have 2500 calls out per month – 4 phone lines (for outgoing & incoming calls), spends marketing $$’s on Adwords, Yellow Pages, Social Media..approx $3k/month (which is quite a bit).

If I work on my 30 day senario, it’s 83 incoming calls per day, work on 8hrs/day, that’s 10 incoming calls per hour.

This business had 2 Sales Staff making outgoing calls on the same incoming phone lines…which means when the lines are busy…YOUR PHONE IS ENGAGED!! Not answered!!

Unanswered or Engaged phones means your leads go to your competitors…

This means MISSED SALES guaranteed…Solution…

We’ll setup our receptionists to answer the overflow, the calls that can’t be answered by your staff…if the phone line rings for longer than 3 rings we’ll answer it, if the phone line is busy (engaged) we’ll answer it…

We’ll Start them off on the following plan;

200 Calls per Month – (avg. 10 call per day)
Cost per Month $360* – (cost per Day $18.00)

For $18/day we’ll guarantee every call is answered and managed, we’ll guarantee they can start measuring their Marketing $$’s accurately – straight to your CRM or other databases.

I’m looking forward to working with this customer as I’m sure the calls are a lot more than what they think, the phone bill is only telling you what’s answered…no changes to phone systems/lines, no more staff salaries needed.

They were very happy with this solution.

Does any of this sound familiar?

For a FREE 15 minute Consultation on how we can help your Business get More SALES, call me on 1300 79 29 80 and ask for Michael; experience our Solution first hand.

We offer a risk free, no disruption, FREE 7 day trial, NO lock-in Contracts to help you measure how many Calls and thus Sales you are missing.

If you’d rather book a date/time email –

Many Thanks

Michael – 1300 79 29 80



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